Design tips to help you create the perfect custom printed stickers for your business

If you have decided to use custom printed stickers to promote your business, you may not be quite sure how to design them for the best effect. After all, if you are going to spend money on custom printed stickers, you might as well have stickers that grab people’s attention.

There are several design specifications you should stick with if you want your custom printed stickers to be effective. Follow these tips to use them.

Bold, bright colors — As stickers are quite small, having them printed in bold, bright colors will tend to help them attract attention. Either use one bright color or several colors that compliment well with each other.

Using bold fonts — It is not just bright colors that make people notice stickers, it is also bold, crazy or funky fonts. Choose a font that is a step above the norm, and it make just make people look twice and then read what you are promoting.

Interesting illustrations — An interesting, unusual or funny illustration on custom printed stickers makes people notice them. Either use something completely unique, or use an illustration that is connected to your business. If you do use one that is connected to your business, however, make sure it is consistent with something you have used in the past as brand identity is important.

Unusual shapes — As you are having your stickers custom printed, you do not have to choose the usual square or oblong sticker. Instead, you can have them cut into any shape that you like.

Stickers that come in shapes like dogs, houses, books, trees, music notes and glasses of beer really do grab people’s attention. They are interesting, they jump out from the background behind them and you can still have all the information you need to have printed on them.

Unusual shaped custom printed stickers are also wonderful to have printed as you can use them for giveaways. If you have a table at a local business fair, this type of sticker is great to hand out as people walk by. Make them cool and unusual enough, and recipients will use them on their phones, laptops, notebooks and car windows.

Stickers on rolls — You can have your custom printed stickers printed as separate stickers, or you can have them printed on rolls. Rolls tend to be cheaper, and are easier to carry around with you as there is less chance of the stickers being damaged than if they are separate pieces.

Ordering your custom printed stickers — If your usual printer cannot produce stickers for you at a reasonable price, there are plenty of printers online that can. If you do go that route, though, be sure to read reviews about an online printer before placing an order, and compare prices across a few sites to make sure you are getting a good price.

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