Hoverboards are the new rage!

Hoverboards are all the rage. The ability to move around effortlessly, gliding from one street to another without so much as walking a step. Although Hoverboards are not as popular as they once were, they definitely still have a passionate following.

One of the best Hoverboards on the market is the Pikgo Self-Balancing Hoverboard, this bad boy had all-terrain tires, charges in under 2 hours, which is key when you are pressed for time. Not only that but this hoverboard has a maximum speed of 10 MPH, ensuring that you will be able to keep up with your friends.

Now the Pikgo Hoverboard is great, but it is far from the only good option out there for hoverboards. A great option for adults who are on the heavier side is the Halo Rover, which has a feature set that caters to a specific crowd, helping it stand out from the competition. This hoverboard has a powerful 800w motor, what does this mean? This means that the Halo Rover can support someone who is up to 265 pounds, significantly more than most hoverboards. That’s not all though, this hoverboard is also decked out with built-in Bluetooth speakers coupled with a companion app that let you rock out to your favorite beats while cruising around.

One of the best hoverboards that you can buy today hands down is the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. Why is the razor hoverboard such a great option? This hoverboard has one of the longest ranges of any hoverboard out of the market, which is especially important if you’re in the city and are going to be using your hoverboard to get to and from work. Another cool feature this hoverboard has is that it has an optional detachable battery, helping further extend the battery life and keep your hoverboard from dying on the way to work. On top of all that, this hoverboard is also near silent, so much so that you will be impressed by just how little noise this device makes.

If you’re from the Europe, you should check out ROLAB for hoverboards in the UK. It’s a company that became one of the biggest sellers for hoverboards. They have three base models that you can get in different colors and with different specs. We recommend to check out the R2 model specifically.

As you can see there are clearly some great options out there for hoverboards, the only question left is which one is right for you?

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